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Dip is a subsidiary of a financial multinational that offers loans to employees. With over 23,000 subscribers Dip has successfully completed over 20 million transactions. It has partnered with other multinational financial institutions and has driven its brand through over 390 corporate organizations.

The Challenge

DIP required a seamless UI to help employees make quick decisions around Loans, Bills Payments, Cards Selections and Shopping.
Employee should be able to:
-access loans easily
-track transactions
-make transfers to external accounts

The Solution

DIP wanted to retain its formal brand look and feel, so we retained brand colours. After extensive research and collection of data we were able to design a simple but functional UI that enables users to make quick decisions from home screen to entire user journey.

Quick analytics breakdown


Most site see majority of traffic from the 24-45 age range, typically followed closely by the 18-24 and then 45-65 age ranges. 25-45 (59%). 18-24 (34%). 45-65 (6%)


Slight majority of overall traffic is male, though traffic with conversions tends to balance out to be more evenly male/female.
Male (59%)
Female (41%)







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